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November 5, 2023

Welcome to TECH Podcast

🎙 Together we discover the world of #technology and its impact on our lives!

📌In this special episode, we have invited Brolin Dakoli, a #designer with many years of experience in the fields of #graphicdesign, #webdesign and #motiondesign. Together, we explore the principles and methodologies of working on various projects in Graphic, Web and Motion Design. #digitalart #digitaldesign #graphicdesign

What you will learn?

🎯✒Also, you will hear Brolin’s perspective on the new trends in this fantastic profession like #digitaldesign, including advice for young people who want to join this journey. #newtrend

🌐Join us for an inspiring and informative conversation on the path to career success in #design. Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks for more interactivity!

In this interview you will find:

00:00 Introduction
02:30 What is the difference between Graphic, Web and Motion Design?
05:15 What are the characteristics of projects according to their type?
06:46 What are the most used platforms for creating web pages?
08:04 What are the components of a graphic design?
09:25 What are the principles of a graphic design?
14:10 What is the difference between UI/UX concepts?
18:23 How is the process of creating a graphic project carried out?
21:23 What are the steps of building a web interface?
24:40 What are some of EXNIHILOO’s projects: VIAut Ipse Animation
29:10 What is Brolin Dakoli’s journey as a designer?
30:55 How is entry into this industry for young professionals?
37:15 What is the source of inspiration for design professionals?
41:20 What are the most necessary tools for young designers?
43:05 How does a designer’s work contribute to the community?
45:20 What are the qualities of a good designer?
47:23 What are the challenges that a young professional faces?
54:30 What are the challenges of professionals in the Albanian ecosystem?
58:40 How should a young professional negotiate on payment?
01:02:12 Success according to Brolin Dakoli…

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