Brand & UI-UX

Go5Five, a unique company in car adhesive wrapping.


The name of the company comes from the union of 5 Italian and Albanian investors

in a common goal which sought to bring a revolution for the most interesting designs that could be put on cars with wrapping methods.


As I sat down to talk about the company more, we thought elements like the red color and the black color were necessary, also the use of a bull as the icon of the logo was very important.

After few creative tests in the creation of the logo, the combination of the number five with the bull’s horns creates a special impact in every comment and reviews we took as a feedback. So we decided to create a bold and aggressive logo.


Of course, this brand was further completed by the creation of all the graphics that would be printed, such as business cards, blocks, leaflets and many other graphics.

Based on the client’s request, the creation of three service catalogs was important. As the last process was the application for the creation of the website which would perform a special functionality where users could experiment with the type of colors for their cars.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic brilliance.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic brilliance.

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