Brial Coffee

Product Design

Brial coffee is a coffee brand in Albania which started its production around 2019.


The meeting with Alkiti and his wife was a special meeting in which I received the necessary information for creating the identity of this product.

All this was not only related to the creation of the logo but also to the design of the product packaging. The use of green colors was a smart choice at that time because it was one of the only brands where green had not been used by another coffee brand before. Furthermore, as part of the identity, we also used three coffee beans which represented the people in their family, his wife, child, as well as Alkiti himself.


Of course, the creation of the logo was the first stage we worked with.

For a period of two weeks, two variants of the logo were proposed, where the choice was the variant with three coffee beans. After we precisely defined the logo, the type of typography and the color palette.


We were also responsible for creating the design of the product packaging for Brial Coffee,

where elements such as the coffee mug in the form of a drawing, also the use of coffee leaves when the focus was important and the use of the black color chosen to create the feeling of a quality product.

Such an exciting journey!

Such an exciting journey!

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